Youth Welfare

Youth Welfare Department

The Youth Welfare Department provides resources, opportunities and a safe environment to skilled students which helps in building self-confidence among the youth. By providing resources to youth in this way, we believe they discover their true identities and develop the strengths, perspectives and strong relationships that will enable them to contribute positively to their communities and compete on a global scale. makes. This department prepares students to participate in various types of cultural competitions.


1) To provide an environment of creativity and group participation to the students.

2) To introduce students to our heritage, cultural values and customs.

3) To create a feeling of patriotism and nationalism among the students participating in various cultural activities at college, zonal, inter-zonal, university and national level.

4) To improve the mental, physical, psychological and cultural well-being of youth.

5) To instill the values of personal responsibility.

6) Building and developing self-confidence.

7) To hone inter-personal skills.

8) Promote teamwork.

9) To instill the values of personal responsibility.

10) To prepare the youth for physical and mental challenges.

11) To inspire students to preserve our heritage, cultural values and customs.

12) To empower the youth to participate and contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.

Members of Youth Welfare Department

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Rajveer Kaur (Convener)   9915879408
2 Prof. Mukhtiar Singh 9417435835
3 Dr. Kuldeep Singh Bahia 9872470002
4 Prof Dharminder Singh 9463340536
5 Dr. Rashmi 8168174101
6 Prof. Sandeep Singh 9988426106
7 Prof. Neetu Sharma 9041359327
8 Dr. Manpreet Kaur Handa 9914339580
9 Prof Gagandeep Singh Handa 8427401800
10 Prof Shivani 7888363070


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