Grievance Redressal Policy

The Mechanism of Redressal for Students

Various committees/cells have been formed to create a healthy environment in the college. Out of which Disciplinary Committee, Grievance Redressal Committee, Anti-Ragging Committee, Women Welfare Club, Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell and SC/ST/OBC Welfare Committee etc. are prominent. In these committees, any student can file a complaint or any suggestion or demand for any kind of discrimination. This complaint/suggestion or demand can be submitted in off-line and online mode (both). The facility of online complaint/suggestion or requisition submission is available at the college from the session 2018-19. The student can directly put the complaint/suggestion or demand letter in the complaint box installed in the library or can directly give this complaint/suggestion or demand letter to the concerned committee member or the principal. This complaint/suggestion is resolved only with the mutual cooperation of the concerned committees and the principal and with the consent of the complainant/demander.

College policy regarding Student Grievance Redressal Cell (SGRC)

Introduction :-

We believe that the most important part of the institution is the students enrolled in various academic programs. Therefore, it is important that the institution provides a safe and comfortable environment to the students so that they can fully focus on their learning skills. Our institution is committed to create a friendly and comfortable environment for students. Therefore, we are making all possible efforts to make students feel comfortable in the premises of the institution. Our institution is well aware of the fact that one cannot remain indifferent to the possible incidents in relation to academic or non-academic which may affect any category of students. A Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) was constituted in the college a few years back to keep in mind several such potential issues that could harm the academic structure and reputation of the institution, but in April 2023, following the new UGC norms. In doing so we have restructured it and constituted it under the name of Student Grievance Redressal Cell (SGRC). All kinds of grievances of the students related to the institution are first referred to the Student Grievance Redressal Cell (SCGRC). It is a regulatory body whose main function is to resolve issues related to student grievances.

  • Constitution and Authority :-

 Composition of Student Grievance Redressal Committee as per UGC Student Grievance Rules 2023:-

  1. Chairman (Professor or senior faculty member-only one)
  2. Members (Professors or Senior Faculty Members - only four)
  3. Member (Student Representative-One Only)

In this way, a total six member committee is constituted. whose tenure is two years but student representative's tenure is only one year. Any committee member who is party to the grievance shall not serve as a member in the grievance redressal committee. The Principal reserves the right to nominate any other qualified faculty member on occasion to complete the number of members. One member of the committee must be a woman and one member must belong to the AC category. Its main objective is to ensure that no student is discriminated against on the basis of caste, race, religion, language, gender or disability. In order to run the Student Grievance Redressal Committee in a systematic manner, other committees of the institution work as collaborators. These committees are as follows:-

  1. Discipline and Anti Ragging Committee.
  2. Women Welfare and Prevention Sexual Harassment Cell.
  3. SC/ST/OBC Welfare Committee.
  • Functions of the Committee :-
  1. Interacting with students and departments to create a healthy and transparent academic environment.
  2. Analyzing and resolving academic and administrative issues of students within the institution.
  3. Liaison between students and their department for redressal of grievances.
  4. Addressing harassment, or ragging or other such issues.
  5. Proper provision for filing complaints under SGRC through college website and complaint box set up in library.
  6. Ensuring that information about SGRC is widely disseminated through various means.
  7. To ensure that meetings of SGRC are held within the college premises during the working days of the college.
  8. To ensure that the grievance redressal procedure followed by SGRC is basically drawn up on the basis of the guidelines received from time to time from the University, State Government and UGC.
  9. To ensure that the concerned student can appear in person as well as present his/her parents or any special person to represent him/her if necessary.
  10. Redressal of any complaint within 15 days.
  11. The language of the entire proceedings shall normally be Punjabi but providing Hindi and English translation as required.
  12. To ensure that efforts are made to resolve the grievance only after hearing all the parties concerned.
  13. The committee member shall prepare minutes of SGRC meeting and action taken report (ATR).
  • Objectives of the Committee:-
  1. The institution should provide students with transparent, fair learning systems as well as all opportunities for holistic development without any discrimination.
  2. To prevent any undisciplined disposal.
  3. To maintain a fair academic environment for students.
  4. Creating a healthy environment where people with genuine grievances can come forward without hesitation.
  5. Upholding the dignity of the institution and protecting its values, norms and principles.
  6. Supporting those who have been denied their rightful claim/service by the organization.
  7. To ensure proper redressal of genuine grievances.
  • Who can file a complaint with SGRC?

Any student can file a complaint.

  • Procedure of lodging a complaint:-

Any student can lodge his complaint regarding any academic and non-academic matter within the campus online and through the complaint box established in the library. The web link to lodge a complaint is as follows:-

  • Area of Complaint:-

Any student can file a grievance regarding any academic and non-academic matter related to the following matters-

  1. Discrimination of any kind on the basis of caste, race, religion, language, sex and disability.
  2. Delay by the institution in handing over mark sheets, certificates etc.
  3. Regarding discrimination in the matter of scholarship.
  4. Roll number in case of non-receipt of scholarship. On with holding the certificate.
  5. Arrears and delay in payment for items other than financial matters.
  6. If there is no cleanliness anywhere in the college premises.
  7. On serving of spoiled food by the canteen.
  8. On being harassed by teachers.
  9. On not getting equal opportunity in any program, competition etc.
  10. Due to lack of proper provision of electricity, water etc.
  11. On disregard of merit at the time of admission.
  12. Ragging or harassment by another student.
  13. On any kind of abuse.
  14. Cleaning, maintenance of girls common room.
  15. Classes not being conducted at proper time and place.
  16. If there is no proper provision of library.
  17. On the fault of the institution relating to examinations.
  18. On inappropriate behavior of non teaching staff.
  19. In case of any problem during parking.
  20. Due to non-availability of necessary equipment, sports equipment etc. during studies.
  21. On unwarranted entry of outsiders into the institution.

Note:- Apart from this list students can also register any other type of complaint.

Important Mobile No for Grievance

S. No Name of  Committee Members Mobile No
1 Dr. Vikas Kumar (Convener) 97806-45767
2 Dr. Parminder Kaur 84277-54859
3 Prof. Satinder Singh 99883-26794
4 Prof. Rajveer Kaur 99158-79408
5 Prof. Gagandeep Singh Handa 84274-01800
6 Mr. Vijay Kumar 99158-72003

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