Electoral Literacy Club

The Election Literacy Club is a group that promotes awareness and education about the electoral process. It helps students and people understand their voting rights and responsibilities. Furthermore, it also encourages active participation in the democratic process. While establishing it in the college, it was specifically mentioned that this cell would take necessary cooperation of other clubs/cells to promote voting rights among the students.


  1. It organizes various activities like workshops, seminars and campaigns to educate students and people about their right to vote, electoral processes and the importance of exercising their franchise.
  2. To promote electoral literacy.
  3. To make citizens aware to take right decisions and contribute to the democratic functioning of their country.
  4. To encourage students, especially those who have completed 18 years of age, to vote.
  5. Also motivating students to get registered on e-epic from time to time.
  6. Participating in various types of awareness programs at the time of elections and organizing such events yourself.

Members of Electoral Literacy Club:-

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Dharminder Singh (Convener) 9463340536
2 Prof. Manpree Kaur Khurmi 9815164104
3 Prof. Jaspal Singh 9855464522

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