Institution Innovation Cell



Innovation Cell was officially established in the session 2016-17 at Shaheed Udham Singh Government College Sunam. It helps students and faculty to know the culture of innovation in the institution and encourages them to think innovatively and to relate to it appropriately. Establishes a vibrant platform to inspire, support and mentor students and faculty to pursue business ventures that have a progressive impact on society. In December 2023, after its affiliation with Ministry of Education, Government of India, it was reconstituted as Institutional Innovations Council which is registered under Certificate No-14768 under Establishment An Institutional Innovations Council-IC202325226.


Inspiring and pre-targeting students and faculty towards start-ups and entrepreneurship opportunities.


Taking initiatives to accelerate the pace of innovation. Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among students and faculty.


The Innovation Cell of Shaheed Udham Singh Government College Sunam aims to provide students with an opportunity to experiment and innovate. This opportunity acts as the first launch pad for the student's entrepreneurial journey and provides them with insight and access to cutting-edge technology, world-class infrastructure, high-quality mentorship.


  1. Keeping in view the need to link up with various departments to enable/guide it to systematically collect all required data regarding innovation.
  2. Helping students to build start-ups.
  3. To act as a platform for young minds to develop their skills and provide adequate technical exposure.
  4. Planning, guiding and involvement with innovation activities.
  5. Enhancing support for identifying ideas and encouraging them to thrive and take off.
  6. To create a responsible citizen and contribute to the economic development of the country.
  7. Ensuring that content related to innovation and creativity is included (for example, chapters on success stories of inventions and innovations in reference books used for teaching).
  8. Signing Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with leading industries and academic institutions to propose joint ventures in areas of mutual interest.

The current members of the Institutional Innovations Council are:

  1. Dr. Achala, Head Chemistry Department (Coordinator).
  2. Prof. Sandeep Kaur, Head, Department of Botany.
  3. Prof. Rajni Harjai, Head, Department of zoology.


National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme is an Indian public sector public service program run by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. The scheme was launched in 1969, the centenary of Gandhiji. It provides an opportunity to the student youth of India to participate in various government functions. Led community service activities and programs.  Shaheed Udham Singh Government College, Sunam, has 04 NSS units adding around 200 NSS volunteers every year. Volunteers get the opportunity to participate and actively contribute to various campaigns and initiatives taken up by NSS units.

NSS Motto: “Not I, But You”

Objective of  NSS:

                 Its sole objective is to provide experience to young students to develop their personality through community service.


       To prepare the youth with a healthy spirit to serve the society and work for the social upliftment of the underprivileged people of the nation.


      Its objective is to prepare the youth to serve the society and nation and promote social welfare through community service. Furthermore it identifies the needs and problems of the community and finds solutions with the intention of promoting national unity and social harmony. With this, the youth of the country joins the mainstream of the nation in the spirit of public welfare.

Components of NSS:

There are three basic components of NSS.

1) NSS Program Officer (Teacher):-

                             The NSS Program Officer is a member of the teaching faculty who provides the necessary leadership to the NSS volunteers.

2) NSS Volunteer (Young Students):-

                            NSS volunteer is a self-motivated college student.

3) Community:-

                          The community provides NSS volunteers with first-hand knowledge of the living conditions of the public.

Details of NSS Activities:

NSS activities are divided into two major groups.

1) Regular NSS Activity:

                          Under this, students participate in various programs in the college campus. Apart from this, various types of programs are carried out by volunteers to spread awareness on various burning issues. These programs are also organized in the college campus and any other place like market, colony, city and village. The hallmark activities undertaken by NSS units are as follows:

  1. i) Cleanliness.
  2. ii) Tree plantation campaign.

iii) Various types of awareness campaigns.

  1. iv) Sanitation campaign.
  2. v) Celebrating special days.
  3. vi) Blood donation camp.

vii) Survey in village.

viii) Organization of health camps.

2) Special Camping Programs:

                      Under this, camps of 7 days duration are organized in the adopted villages or college campus with some specific projects by involving the local communities. Along with NSS volunteers, some other students are also expected to participate in these camps. Sometimes these camps are also of one day duration.

NSS conditions:-

Under the NSS programme, any college student can opt for NSS. Volunteers are required to provide a minimum of 120 hours of service per year as part of regular activities and are also required to participate in at least one 7-day special camp program every year. Special camping programs will be treated as a separate project and the work hours done in those programs will be calculated separately and will not be included in the 120 hours of normal NSS activities. A, B and C certificates are earned by students after completion of the first, second and third year of service respectively.

 NSS Program Officer:-

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Darshan Kumar (Unit-I) 9465401100
2 Dr. Ramandeep Kaur (Unit-II) 9855432935
3 Prof. Chamkaur Singh (Unit-III) 9876424076
4 Dr. Manpreet Kaur (Unit-IV) 9914339580

Red Cross

Red Cross

Social consciousness and commitment are an integral part of the college's vision. The Youth Red Cross has been functioning in the college for a long time. The Red Cross Society of our college stands as a symbol of humanitarianism, service and community involvement. Rooted in the principles of the global Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, the Society is an important example of our College's commitment to promoting social welfare, disaster relief and health awareness. With its rich history and unwavering dedication towards making a positive impact, the Red Cross Society plays a vital role in fostering a sense of responsibility, empathy and solidarity among students and the larger community.


 1)  First Aid Training Programme.

 2)  Blood donation camp.

3)  Blood testing camp.

4)  Medical camp.

5)  Workshops.

6)  Visiting blood banks.

7)  Visiting orphanages etc.

8)  Arrangement of first aid for various types of programs.

9)  To prepare students to work as workers in blood donation camps.

Members of Red Cross

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Mukhtiar Singh 9417435835
2 Prof. Muhammad Anwar 9417522568
3 Prof. Rajveer Kaur   9915879408
4 Dr. Manpreet Kaur Handa 9914339580
5 Prof Gagandeep Singh Handa 8427401800

Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon Club

The Red Ribbon Club is a youth-led movement that aims to create awareness about HIV/AIDS and reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. This club was started by the Government of India in 1991 and is now active in schools and colleges across the country. This club of our college organizes awareness programs for the students from time to time. The Red Ribbon Club has several functions and objectives:-

  1. To reduce this infection by making youth aware about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.
  2. To raise awareness about the risks of HIV transmission and ways to prevent it.
  3. To create a feeling among the youth to help and support people suffering from HIV/AIDS so that discrimination can be reduced.
  4. To promote voluntary blood donation.
  5. To encourage healthy lifestyle.
  6. Organizing AIDS awareness programs.
  7. To develop their skills through negotiation and team building.
  8. Celebrating World AIDS Day.

 Members of Red Ribbon Club

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Dr. Gagandeep Singh (Convener) 9878775427
2 Dr. Manita Joshi 9463279678
3 Prof. Prabhjeet Kaur 9876424963
4 Shri Satgur Singh 9465523498


Electoral Literacy Club

The Election Literacy Club is a group that promotes awareness and education about the electoral process. It helps students and people understand their voting rights and responsibilities. Furthermore, it also encourages active participation in the democratic process. While establishing it in the college, it was specifically mentioned that this cell would take necessary cooperation of other clubs/cells to promote voting rights among the students.


  1. It organizes various activities like workshops, seminars and campaigns to educate students and people about their right to vote, electoral processes and the importance of exercising their franchise.
  2. To promote electoral literacy.
  3. To make citizens aware to take right decisions and contribute to the democratic functioning of their country.
  4. To encourage students, especially those who have completed 18 years of age, to vote.
  5. Also motivating students to get registered on e-epic from time to time.
  6. Participating in various types of awareness programs at the time of elections and organizing such events yourself.

Members of Electoral Literacy Club:-

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Dharminder Singh (Convener) 9463340536
2 Prof. Manpree Kaur Khurmi 9815164104
3 Prof. Jaspal Singh 9855464522

Youth Welfare

Youth Welfare Department

The Youth Welfare Department provides resources, opportunities and a safe environment to skilled students which helps in building self-confidence among the youth. By providing resources to youth in this way, we believe they discover their true identities and develop the strengths, perspectives and strong relationships that will enable them to contribute positively to their communities and compete on a global scale. makes. This department prepares students to participate in various types of cultural competitions.


1) To provide an environment of creativity and group participation to the students.

2) To introduce students to our heritage, cultural values and customs.

3) To create a feeling of patriotism and nationalism among the students participating in various cultural activities at college, zonal, inter-zonal, university and national level.

4) To improve the mental, physical, psychological and cultural well-being of youth.

5) To instill the values of personal responsibility.

6) Building and developing self-confidence.

7) To hone inter-personal skills.

8) Promote teamwork.

9) To instill the values of personal responsibility.

10) To prepare the youth for physical and mental challenges.

11) To inspire students to preserve our heritage, cultural values and customs.

12) To empower the youth to participate and contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.

Members of Youth Welfare Department

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Rajveer Kaur (Convener)   9915879408
2 Prof. Mukhtiar Singh 9417435835
3 Dr. Kuldeep Singh Bahia 9872470002
4 Prof Dharminder Singh 9463340536
5 Dr. Rashmi 8168174101
6 Prof. Sandeep Singh 9988426106
7 Prof. Neetu Sharma 9041359327
8 Dr. Manpreet Kaur Handa 9914339580
9 Prof Gagandeep Singh Handa 8427401800
10 Prof Shivani 7888363070


Narcotic Cell

Anti Narcotics Cell (ANC)

Anti Narcotics Cell of Shaheed Udham Singh Government College Sunam has been constituted to ensure a drug free campus by imposing a complete ban on the use of drugs and alcohol by the college students inside or outside the campus. The objective of the Anti-Drug Cell in the college is to promote a positive and drug-free environment among the students. Its main objective is to increase awareness related to the harmful effects of drug abuse.


  1. Organizing awareness programs in the college.
  2. To educate students about the ill effects of drugs and alcohol.
  3. To encourage peer policing among students against drug use.
  4. To report to the College Committee any use of drugs by students.

Members of Anti  Narcotics Cell

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Mohammad Anwar (Convener) 9417522568
2 Prof. Neetu Sharma 9041359327
3 Prof. Sandeep Singh 9988426106
4 Prof. Paramjeet Kaur 8054497212



Eco Club

Environment Conservation Organisation (ECO)
The world is currently facing serious environmental challenges. The Earth is facing a serious global crisis. Economic and social development is putting unbearable pressure on our environment. Global warming has become a big challenge for the earth and its population. Climate change is posing challenges to growth and development. Therefore, it is important to take care of today's people as well as the future generations. Keeping this in mind, Shaheed Udham Singh Government College, Sunam has an eco club related to environment and cleanliness whose main objective is to bring awareness about environmental protection. This club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness in the future generation. Eco Club empowers students to participate in meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a platform through which the student will be able to promote good environmental behaviour.


1) To create awareness among students and people about the importance of environment.
2) To make students aware about various environmental issues.
3) To organize various activities like Van Mahotsav, Tree Plantation Drive, Green and Clean Diwali and Cleanliness Drive. 4) To promote the ethos of water conservation by maximizing the use of water.
5) Motivate students to adopt habits and lifestyle of minimum waste generation, source separation and disposing of waste at the nearest storage point.
6) To make students aware to minimize the use of plastic bags and not to throw them in public places.
7) To make students aware of activities that harm the environment and to motivate them to avoid them.
8) Adopting a nature friendly lifestyle is encouraged.
9) Using garbage to make food.
10) To develop botanical garden.
11) Planting herbal plants in the college campus.
12) To motivate students to keep their surroundings clean, neat and green.
13) Celebrating Environment Day.
14) To educate the students as well as the community about reusing waste materials.
15) Installing colored dustbins for wet and dry waste and encouraging students to use it properly.

Members of Eco Club:-

1) Prof. Sandeep Kaur (Convener)
      Mobile Number: 9779262218
2) Prof. Sunita Singla
      Mobile Number: 7589440492
3) Prof. Mohammad Anwar
     Mobile Number: 9417522568

Women Welfare Club

Women Welfare Club (WWC)

It is said that being a woman is the most sensitive and delicate form of human being. In a way, woman is considered to be sensitive, soft, kind, polite, concerned, patient, compassionate, self-effacing and having more understanding towards aesthetics. Today women do not shy away from speaking their minds and are also known as wonderful communicators, negotiators and politicians. Women have the ability to make better deals and personal connections with people due to their influential personality and unmatched art of oratory. Keeping this issue in mind, the Women Welfare Cell of the college has been working for the last many years. The most important objective of this cell is to protect the self-respect and rights of female students; To empower them to participate in all college activities and make them feel that they are no longer inferior to men. In this way this club is a blessing for young girls. This club helps young girl students to become active, smart and confident.

                                                                                                             Club's functions

  1. To create social awareness towards women's problems.
  2. To encourage participation in educational, cultural and other activities.
  3. To review the safety and security measures for women in the college campus.
  4. To organize various training programs to create awareness on health, hygiene and women empowerment.
  5. Organizing programs related to gender equity.                                                                                             


Members of Club

S. No Name of  Committee Members Mobile No
1. Dr.Manita Joshi  9463279678 
2. Dr.Parminder Kaur  8427754859 
3. Prof.Prabhjeet Kaur 9876424963 
4. Dr.Rashmi 8168174101 
5. Prof.Meenakeshi  8847422346



Legal Litracy Club

Legal Literacy Cell

Shaheed Udham Singh Government College Sunam believes that justice is the cornerstone and fundamental goal of every civilized nation. The main objective of law is justice which reiterates the orderly progress of a given society. It is also true that lack of knowledge about basic legal and civil liberties, human rights, constitutional directives protecting people's dignity, freedom and liberties manifests as problems in the society. Keeping all this in mind, a legal literacy cell has been established in the college. This cell is as important as any other club or society. This is expected to not only promote legal literacy but also help strengthen the capacity of youth to effectively advocate for human rights and access justice for vulnerable populations. The main objective of the Legal Literacy Cell of the college is to create awareness about legal rights and duties among the students and people.


  1. To help students become responsible and law abiding citizens.
  2. To provide legal aid to needy students.
  3. To make the general public aware of their rights.
  4. Organizing legal awareness camps and seminars.
  5. To assist the police in incidents of crime against women.
  6. To make students aware of their fundamental rights.
  7. To organize various workshops, seminars, lectures and competitions to create awareness among students about their legal rights.

Legal Literacy Cell:

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Dr. Kulwinder Kaur (Convener) 9914010710
2 Prof. Navjot Kaur 8427752347
3 Prof. Sukhjinder Kaur 7986988028
4 Prof. Anchal 9317190090
5 Prof. Nishu 9464814253



DAPO (buddy)

Drug Abuse Prevention Officers/ (DAPO/BUDDY)

Widespread use of drugs within and outside educational institutions has become a matter of serious concern nowadays. Drug dealers target students as both carriers and customers. It has become imperative for teachers and parents to work against this evil force and eliminate it. Highly energetic youth can be guided by educating them as well as warning them about the adverse effects of drugs. With this noble intention, we formed Buddy Groups under DAPO in our college. Basically it is a program run and encouraged by the state government.

  1. To provide support to people struggling with drug use.
  2. To promote a sense of community to discourage drug related activities.
  3. To inspire students to make informed and responsible choices through education, events and other programs.
  4. Empowering to promote overall well-being and a healthy campus culture.
  5. It should also provide awareness about 'Say No to Drugs'.
  6. Ensuring drug free campus.
  7. To involve students in anti-drug campaigns.
  8. To motivate students to become volunteers for anti-drug activities in their lives.
  9. To make students aware of the anti-drug programs run by the state government from time to time.
  10. To train the student as a buddy and motivate him to take appropriate steps by identifying the drug related activities happening around him.

DAPO (Buddy) members:

1) Prof. Mohammad Anwar (Convener)                                   Mobile Number: 9417522568

NOTE:  All faculty members act as senior buddies.



The Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation Programme, popularly known as SVEEP, is the flagship program of the Election Commission of India for voter education, spreading voter awareness and promoting voter literacy in India. In our college, there is a SVEEP committee, which works to enroll the names of newly admitted students (who are above 18 years of age) in the voter list. Every year various types of activities and competitions are organized for voter awareness. The main objective of SVEEP is to create a truly participatory democracy in the country by encouraging all eligible citizens to vote and take informed decisions during elections.


  1. Voter registration through hands-on experience to the target population.
  2. To educate about the electoral process and related matters.
  3. To provide education facility regarding use of EVM and VVPAT.
  4. To help the target audience understand the value of their vote and exercise their right to vote in a confident, comfortable and ethical manner.
  5. To harness the potential of ELC members to bring electoral literacy to the communities.
  6. To facilitate voter registration for students who are not yet registered.
  7. To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize information.
  8. To encourage 'greater participation for a stronger democracy'.

SVEEP Committee Members:-

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Jaspal Singh (Convener) 9855464522
2 Prof. Gagandeep Singh Handa 8427401800
3 Prof. Shivani 7888363070

Students Council

Student Council

In order to give dynamism to the academic life, this council has been created keeping in mind the objective of making the students play a positive role in the classes as well as in the society. In fact, this council is a link in the intellectual development of the students themselves. Various programs are organized by the organization every year. Where the Student Council becomes a part of these programmes, it also organizes various programs at its own level through its clubs. These clubs provide a platform for interaction among themselves and with the outside world, though it may be formal or informal, but it inculcates passion among the youth and develops their organizational skills. Clubs provide a platform for work, fun and bring a good balance of leisure activities and ensure all round development of the students. Following Clubs under students council:

  1. Literary Club
  2. Happiness & Well Being Club
  3. Sports Club
  4. Yoga Club
  5. Energy & Water Saver Club

Importance of Student Clubs

Student clubs are the main focus of student activities. They provide a worthwhile platform for the creative juices of young minds. Clubs provide an opportunity to the students to apply the experiences learned at the institution in a positive way to the outside world. It helps students acquire invaluable leadership as well as life skills. In addition to connecting other students with similar interests, student clubs provide opportunities for students to interact with alumni and professionals in their fields of interest.

Benefits of Student Clubs

  • Students Clubs enrich your experience.
  • Build a diverse community. encourage participation
  • Provide opportunities to the students to make them right citizens.
  • Helps in building formal and informal networks.
  • These clubs organize events and meetings throughout the academic year.

Objective and Works of Students Club

  1. Literary Club

Objective:- Literary Club has been formed with the combination of Punjabi, Hindi, Sanskrit and English languages. The objective of the club is to nurture a passion for literature among the students, thereby enhancing their creativity and language acquisition. The club provides a platform to the students to showcase their literary interests and abilities. Thereby, their creative potential is encouraged to enhance their personality development.


  • To organize literary activities and programs.
  • Organizing debates, group discussions, interactive sessions, poetry and short story writing and quiz competitions.
  • Organizing lectures on human and literary values, rules. •Promoting creative potential in students.


  1. Happiness and Well-Being Club

Objective:- The club aims to inculcate in the students the spirit of service for the betterment of society and the spirit of mutual help. To encourage the students for social service oriented activities which develop the spirit of social welfare among the students.


  • Managing essential items to the needy people.
  • Creating awareness on social issues.
  • Promoting mutual evening among students and people.
  • To propagate human values.
  1. Sports Club

 Objective:- The Sports Club encourages the students to develop their sporting skills in various outdoor and indoor games like Football, Table Tennis, Cricket, Kabaddi, Athletics, Chess, Carrom Board, Shuttle Badminton, Physical fitness programs. Our college has grounds and equipment for each of these sports. The club also encourages the students to participate in inter college and intramural college sports competitions.


  • To create awareness about sports.
  • Propagating the spirit of sports.
  • Strengthening the physical and mental abilities of the students through sports.
  • Promoting the participation of students in sports competitions.
  1. Yoga Club

 Objective:- This club helps to understand physical and mental control with the aim of students to keep their body and mind fit and build a healthy society. The student associated with this not only keeps the body and mind healthy, but also fills life with satisfaction, happiness and joy by taking inspiration, vigilance. The main objective of the club is to reduce stress, anxiety and negative thoughts etc which are increasing day by day in this mechanical human life activities.


  • Conducts yoga training classes.
  • Conducts lectures on subjects like education and moral values.
  • Organizes competitions related to yoga.
  • Provides services like awareness programs for yoga classes to the needy people.
  1. Energy & Water Saver Club


The main objective of this club is to emphasize on the judicious use of energy and water. Along with preventing the misuse of energy and water, it also promotes its proper use. Inspires students to indirectly increase the sense of environmental protection and imbibe it practically.


  • Shutting off energy equipment when not needed.
  • Propagation of use of water resources according to need.
  • Conducting lectures on proper use of energy and water resources.
  • To propagate the importance of energy and water in students and society.


Placement and Career Counselling Cell

Placement and Career Counseling Cell (PCCC)


Shaheed Udham Singh Government College Sunam has a dynamic Placement & Career Counseling Cell which organizes various types of career counselling, guidance and placement related activities. This cell organizes various interactive and informative seminars with the help of District Bureau of Employment Enterprise (DBEE), agencies and institutions to give information to the students about various career opportunities in public and private sector. It provides awareness about higher studies, self-employment and job opportunities. Through this, students are provided with valuable information about various competitive examinations which can help them in achieving a successful career. The cell also provides physical training for many recruitments like police, arm force and army etc. The Placement Cell organizes various “On” and “Off” campus drives with the help of various companies. A team has been formed for the functioning of the cell which helps the students to develop employability skills. Students are also provided with knowledge to improve their communication skills which is an integral element to prosper in the professional world. Many industrial visits are also organized for the overall development of the students. Various employment fairs organized by the state government have been organized in the college campus with the help of this cell.


  1. To expand knowledge, skills and abilities.
  2. To improve decision making skills.
  3. Increase self-esteem and motivation.
  4. Building interpersonal effectiveness.
  5. Maximizing career opportunities.
  6. Improve employment marketability and opportunities
  7. To promote effective job placement
  8. To provide training and guidance to students on career related matters.
  9. To help them in exploring new opportunities.
  10. To arrange industrial visits and training for junior and senior students.
  11. Organizing job fairs.
  12. Organizing seminars.
  13. Getting preparation for competitive exams.
  14. Getting prepared for the physical test.

Members of Placement and Career Counseling Cell:-

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Dharminder Singh (Convener) 9463340536
2 Dr. Parminder Kaur 8427754859
3 Prof. Sumeet Sharma 9878678548
4 Prof. Jaspal Singh 9855464522

Differently Abled Cell

                Differently Abled Cell(DAC)
Differently abled cell usually refers to a support center within the college that provides support for students with disabilities. Earlier it was working in our college under the name of Special Disabled Students Welfare Committee but its name has been changed with time. This includes services like reserving seats for such students at the time of admission, accessible facilities, assistance in note taking, extended examination timings and much more, to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed in their education. . This dedicated committee of our college has been acting as a bridge between the college administration, faculty and students with disabilities, ensuring that these special students can participate fully in all aspects of academic and extra-curricular life Many other facilities are also available for them in the institution.
1) To arrange wheel chairs for special students as per requirement.
2) To give concession in fees as per government/university rules.
3) Ensuring separate bathroom management.
4) Ensuring availability of ramps in buildings.
5) To provide all possible help to these students against any kind of discrimination.
6) Focus on providing them equal opportunities like all students.
7) To encourage and motivate.
8) Boosting self-confidence.
Committee Member:-
1) Dr. Achala (Convener)
      Mobile Number: 9888228053
2) Prof. Sandeep Kaur
      Mobile Number: 9779262218
3) Prof. Rajni Harjai
      Mobile Number: 7696349589
4) Mr. Amit Kapoor
      Mobile Number: 8360325021

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