Code Of Conduct

7.1.10: Code of Conduct for Students

Any Students whosoever will violate the following rules his/her name will be struck off:-

1.      Students are prohibited to damage the property of college especially furniture, electric equipment like fans, wires.

2.      Students also prohibited to write anything on the walls & Benches.

3.      Students must avoid shouting loudly in corridors  especially near the class rooms.

4.      Students should cooperate with teaching and non-teaching staff members.

5.      No students will use cell phone in the class room. Boys & Girls listen the mobile in the canteen, common room respectively.

6.      Students must read the notice board regularly and need to adhere it properly.

7.      Students are prohibited to take outsider.

8.      It is mandatory for the students to carry  ID -card daily and he/she has to show it to the disciplinary committee, on asking.

9.      Fees must be deposited by students on time. Late fees will be charged in case of late deposit according  to University guidelines.

10.  No meetings, rallies, concert is allowed in the college campus without taking prior permission from the Principal.

11.  Use of Cigarette, Tobacco,Drinking or any type of other drug is strictly prohibited in the college campus.

12.  Ragging is not allowed in the college as per the instructions of honorable Supreme Court and Government. IF any student is found guilty of taking ragging then he/she would be expelled from the college immediately.

13.  Use of Plastic is banned in the college.


1        Teachers are to abide by the leave rules as stipulated by the University and the Institution.

     2      Use of Mobile Phones inside the classrooms is not permissible.

     3      Decency in the dress code is to be followed.

     4     Staff members are required to update Moodle regularly.

     5      Punctuality is the key code for every faculty.




1     Punctuality is to be observed.

2        Leave rules are to be followed and prior permission must be obtained before taking any leave.

3        Respect and fairness to be taken care of while dealing with students and peers.

4        Timely reporting of the assigned work to be done.

5        Internal information to be kept under lock and key.



 Values are guiding principles of our lives. Human values are the virtues that guide us to right path. They give right direction to our lives and develop our characters. It is our endeavor to indoctrinate the following human values among all the members of our Institution:

1        Truth

2        Honesty

3        Loyalty

4        Commitment

5        Positivity

6        Passion

7        Courage

8        Open mindedness

9        Responsibility

10    Obedience

11    Patriotism

12    Perseverance

13    Compassion

14    Self direction

15    Forgiveness

16    Harmony

17    Environmentalism



 The institution has a stated code of professional ethics for the Principal &Staff:


Integrity and sincerity:All the members are expected to be sincere towards the students and the institution. Be it academic updating or contribution towards extra curricular activities, sincerity and belongingness is expected of all the members.

Confidentiality:In the course of academic or administrative activity, if a staff member comes to discern any information, revelation of which is not suitable for the institution, confidentiality should be maintained.

Love and affection towards students:All students should be treated with warmth. Their holistic development should be the interest of all the faculty members. Counselling, wherever needed, should be provided to the students.

Encouragement to all students especially slow learners: Weak students and slow learners should be treated with equal respect and attention as others. They should be encouraged to perform better.

Refrain from physical punishment and sexual abuse: Physical punishment/sexual abuse is strictly to be averted.

Resist mental and emotional harassment:Students should be dealt with affection and coherence. They should not be harassed mentally or emotionally, rather teacher should try to solve problem, if any faced by the students from any other person.

Respect: Peers should be treated with respect. Due care should be taken of teaching and non teaching staff’s esteem. Staff members should be have responsibly,openly and honestly towards their colleagues, students and parents.

Responsibility:As a subject teacher and as class teacher, various responsibilities are assigned from time to time. These should be performed with full dedication and responsibility.



The students are to abide by the following Library Rules:


Ø  While inside the library, a student should be in possession of Library-Cum-Identity Card.

Ø  A book shall be issued for a period of 14 day.

Ø  Students who fail to return the books on the due date shall pay a fine of Rs.1/-per day, per book for the period beyond the date.

Ø  Reference books, rare books and periodicals shall not be issued.

Ø  If a student loses or otherwise damages a book, she/he shall pay the cost of  that book (Current Market Price) a long with suitable fine.

Ø  Students are advised to check the book before getting them issued

Ø  Students visiting the Library should deposit their belongings at the property counter.

Ø  Students should observe silence while in the reading halls.

Ø  Loss of Identity card should be immediately reported to the librarian and  duplicate card should be obtained only after submitting the copy of FIR and payment of a fine of Rs.250.

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