Anti-Ragging Committee

"Ragging is a cognizable offense and is prohibited in any form inside and outside the campus"
  • As per the order of the Honorable Supreme Court of India
  1. Ragging is prohibited in every type of educational institutions.
  2. Ragging is a cognizable offence.
  • Function:
  1. To advise senior college students not to indulge in ragging in the college campus.
  2. To inform the students about the provision of heavy fine/punishment/suspension for ragging.
  3. To share this information with the students that ragging is an undesirable social crime, which is completely banned in the college.
  4. To enter this related information in the college prospectus.

           Anti-Ragging Committee

S. No Name of  Committee Members Mobile No
1 Dr. Vikas Kumar (Convener) 97806-45767
2 Dr. Parminder Kaur 84277-54859
3 Prof. Satinder Singh 99883-26794
4 Prof. Rajveer Kaur 99158-79408
5 Prof. Gagandeep Singh Handa 84274-01800
6 Mr. Vijay Kumar 99158-72003


  • Instructions for students:

A student who is a victim of ragging should immediately inform the concerned committee. Students can take help of SGRC policy made by the college.

SGRC Policy Link:

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