DAPO (buddy)

Drug Abuse Prevention Officers/ (DAPO/BUDDY)

Widespread use of drugs within and outside educational institutions has become a matter of serious concern nowadays. Drug dealers target students as both carriers and customers. It has become imperative for teachers and parents to work against this evil force and eliminate it. Highly energetic youth can be guided by educating them as well as warning them about the adverse effects of drugs. With this noble intention, we formed Buddy Groups under DAPO in our college. Basically it is a program run and encouraged by the state government.

  1. To provide support to people struggling with drug use.
  2. To promote a sense of community to discourage drug related activities.
  3. To inspire students to make informed and responsible choices through education, events and other programs.
  4. Empowering to promote overall well-being and a healthy campus culture.
  5. It should also provide awareness about 'Say No to Drugs'.
  6. Ensuring drug free campus.
  7. To involve students in anti-drug campaigns.
  8. To motivate students to become volunteers for anti-drug activities in their lives.
  9. To make students aware of the anti-drug programs run by the state government from time to time.
  10. To train the student as a buddy and motivate him to take appropriate steps by identifying the drug related activities happening around him.

DAPO (Buddy) members:

1) Prof. Mohammad Anwar (Convener)                                   Mobile Number: 9417522568

NOTE:  All faculty members act as senior buddies.

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