The Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation Programme, popularly known as SVEEP, is the flagship program of the Election Commission of India for voter education, spreading voter awareness and promoting voter literacy in India. In our college, there is a SVEEP committee, which works to enroll the names of newly admitted students (who are above 18 years of age) in the voter list. Every year various types of activities and competitions are organized for voter awareness. The main objective of SVEEP is to create a truly participatory democracy in the country by encouraging all eligible citizens to vote and take informed decisions during elections.


  1. Voter registration through hands-on experience to the target population.
  2. To educate about the electoral process and related matters.
  3. To provide education facility regarding use of EVM and VVPAT.
  4. To help the target audience understand the value of their vote and exercise their right to vote in a confident, comfortable and ethical manner.
  5. To harness the potential of ELC members to bring electoral literacy to the communities.
  6. To facilitate voter registration for students who are not yet registered.
  7. To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize information.
  8. To encourage 'greater participation for a stronger democracy'.

SVEEP Committee Members:-

S.No Name Mobile Number
1 Prof. Jaspal Singh (Convener) 9855464522
2 Prof. Gagandeep Singh Handa 8427401800
3 Prof. Shivani 7888363070

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