Vision, Mission and Objective


The vision of the college is to become as premier institute disseminating knowledge & skills and inculcating human values at its core for the endless benefit of the global society.

We seek to Achieve Our Educational Vision by: 

  1. Encourage leadership qualities in the students through various Curricular & Co-curricular activities.
  2. Integrating technological development across the curriculum.
  3. To provide affordable quality education while equipping students with knowledge & skills in their chosen stream.
  4. Inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential& thus shape them into future leaders, entrepreneurs & above all good human beings.
  5. Focusing on modes of enquiring which strengthen thinking skills.
  6. Providing library resources& services to support the academic needs of the institution.
  7. Providing extensive field experience to bring together theory &practical.

Our Commitment is to a students centered Environment:-

  1. In which the intellectual, cultural, social Physical &recreational needs of the students are met.
  2. Encourage students collaborations& group projects.
  3. Offers appropriate services for students with physical disabilities.
  4. Give students the chance to take charge of activities (like NSS)
  5. Exploring ways to extended learning beyond the classroom of the college.
  6. Provide learning experience to develop qualities like Mutual respect, Co-operation Co-ordination among the students through healthy competitions.
  7. And by awarding the meritorious students with cash prize money and awards started by some of our worthy principals and staff members in the previous years

Our Commitment is Also to the Larger Community of the Region that we serve

  1. It commit to seeking diversity of perspective
  2. Through faculty, administration and student participation in community programs
  3. Local communities or government organize various activities that facilitate civic action, from volunteerism to campus (like job fair, Sveep activities) partnership.



The college aim at enhancing employability and equip students to meet the challenges of this competitive world. The college is making constant endeavors in this direction.

So in a spirit of sincerity we:

  1. Support a rich and diverse classroom and university culture that fuels a passion for lifetime learning
  2. Increase relevance of instruction to student’s needs both personally and in the workplace.
  3. Respond in a creative manner to meet the challenges of this rural area college.
  4. Regularly review and evaluate current programs and look for opportunities to add additional programs to support student success



  1. To equip the students with the skills of learning , communication, self study and self analysis.
  2. To promote innovative methods of teaching-learning and evaluation.
  3. To enlighten students on different virtues and values of life, thereby creating morally and socially committed noble citizens


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