Women Welfare Club

Women Welfare Club (WWC)

It is said that being a woman is the most sensitive and delicate form of human being. In a way, woman is considered to be sensitive, soft, kind, polite, concerned, patient, compassionate, self-effacing and having more understanding towards aesthetics. Today women do not shy away from speaking their minds and are also known as wonderful communicators, negotiators and politicians. Women have the ability to make better deals and personal connections with people due to their influential personality and unmatched art of oratory. Keeping this issue in mind, the Women Welfare Cell of the college has been working for the last many years. The most important objective of this cell is to protect the self-respect and rights of female students; To empower them to participate in all college activities and make them feel that they are no longer inferior to men. In this way this club is a blessing for young girls. This club helps young girl students to become active, smart and confident.

                                                                                                             Club's functions

  1. To create social awareness towards women's problems.
  2. To encourage participation in educational, cultural and other activities.
  3. To review the safety and security measures for women in the college campus.
  4. To organize various training programs to create awareness on health, hygiene and women empowerment.
  5. Organizing programs related to gender equity.                                                                                             


Members of Club

S. No Name of  Committee Members Mobile No
1. Dr.Manita Joshi  9463279678 
2. Dr.Parminder Kaur  8427754859 
3. Prof.Prabhjeet Kaur 9876424963 
4. Dr.Rashmi 8168174101 
5. Prof.Meenakeshi  8847422346



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